You NEED Podcasts and Audiobooks in Your Life (Bonus: Free Audiobooks!)

Want to skip ahead and learn how to access audiobooks for free?

Plain and simple if podcasts and audiobooks aren’t part of your life your f’ing up. The podcasting world has been booming the past few years and just about every book is available in audio form these days. If you’re not addicted to podcasts and audiobooks yet, here’s 5 reasons to stop what your doing and start listening:

1. Unlimited Knowledge About ANYTHING

There is podcast or audiobook for just about every topic under the sun.

  • Want to pick up a second language? Coffee Break will teach you.
  • Want to learn about real estate investing? BiggerPockets provides the goods.
  • Want to just hear interesting people speak about their life? The Joe Rogan Experience has got you covered

It doesn’t matter what you’re interested in, there’s a pod/audiobook for that. You can continually educate yourself by listening to experts in a given field without paying a dime. Not A. Bad. Deal.

Meme of brain exploding

2. Perfect for Multitasking

Think about all the mundane mindless tasks you do on a weekly basis. Folding laundry, cooking food, grocery shopping. All of these things demand a physical and visual presence but require little to no mental capacity. Use this dead time to improve yourself rather than daydreaming about future scenarios that almost certainly will never happen:

What would it be like if I could read people’s minds? Let’s be honest we’ve all wasted some hours pondering this question…

Once you start learning, you will crave more. Nowadays I carry headphones on me almost 24/7. Some of my favorite times to listen to podcasts/audiobooks include:


3. Available Offline and On-Demand

One of the best features of podcasts and audiobooks is the ability to download them for offline listening. WiFi, LTE, 1x, 5 bars…

…all of this becomes irrelevant. Once you have a collection of pods and audiobooks downloaded you are golden.

You listen whenever you want to. You can pause, stop and resume later. You can binge 10 episodes or chapters in a row. You don’t have to follow anyone else’s schedule or tune in at a certain time. You are the master of the universe.

*Podcasts and audiobooks can also be streamed but this naturally requires WiFi or cell service…

4. Mobility

Podcasts/audiobooks are available via your smart phone, so you can take them anywhere you go. Let’s be honest, your phone is ALWAYS within reach. This means the potential to learn something new is only a few taps away no matter where you are.

Head over to The Knowledge Cooler to see a collection of my favorite podcasts and audiobooks.

5. Easy and Free to Access


Remember that ancient place that stores all those old books? Yes, the library is going to become your new best friend…

Library’s are not as ancient and technologically challenged as you might think. In fact, they offer tons of services that you probably never even knew existed. One of these services is unlimited access to an enormous collection of audiobooks.

So instead of paying $15 per month for an Audible subscription and only being able to listen to one book per month, you can access unlimited audiobooks for free. Pretty decent deal huh?

Accessing the library’s collection of audiobooks can be accomplished in 2 simple steps:

  1. Get a Library Card: this can be done by applying online or visiting your local library in person. Library cards are free (technically they are paid for by your tax dollars but well ignore that fact for now).
  2. Download Libby: this is an app that allows you to “check-out” audiobooks and e-books from your local library. All you need to do is create a username and login using your new library card. The app also allows you to download the books and listen to them offline.


Accessing podcasts has never been easier. There are multiple platforms which enable you to download and listen to your favorite pods. I personally use the built-in iPhone “Podcast” app, but there are plenty of apps which allow you to get your fix:

  • Apple Podcasts (iPhone)
  • The Podcast App (Android)
  • Spotify (iPhone & Andorid)
  • RadioPublic (iPhone & Andorid)
  • TuneIn (iPhone & Andorid)
  • Podbean (iPhone & Andorid)

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