How Much it Actually Costs to Travel the World

I recently completed a 6-month journey throughout South and Central America. One of the first questions I got from friends and family was naturally regarding finances.

So what was the end damage? How much did it all cost?”

$8,010. Which amounts to $1,335 per month. That’s right a full month of traveling is cheaper than a single rent check in NYC!

Consistent with my love for numbers and tracking, I kept a pretty extensive record of my expenses while on the road. This article will provide a detailed breakdown of the expenses of long-term travel. Before I dive into the numbers, it’s important to set the stage a bit and give you a glimpse of the “typical day”:

The typical day was quite simple. I would stay in low to mid-range Airbnb’s. I usually got a discount as I would rent the place for a few weeks. I would cook breakfast, lunch and dinner myself. My activities did not involve purchasing guided tours/excursions. Instead, it involved surfing and self-improvement. I surfed for about 3 hours per day. And when I wasn’t in the water I studied and practiced my Spanish, worked on this blog or listened to audiobooks. Lots and lots of audiobooks.

I’ll start with the overall trip expense and then move into a country-by-country breakdown.

The not so logical travel path…

Overall Trip

  • Accommodation: Airbnbs, hostels, hotels, etc.
  • Travel: flights, busses between locations and any other transit expenses
  • Food: local produce, grocery store, restaurants
  • Entertainment
  • Local Transport: tuks-tuks, local taxis, chicken bus, renting bicycles/motorbikes, boat taxis
  • Surfing: board, bag, wax, repairs, transport
  • Travel Gear: backpack, supplies, etc.
  • Personal Care: sunscreen, medicine, shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.
  • Clothing

Daily Cost by Country


Brazil Breakdown


Ecuador Breakdown


Costa Rica Breakdown


Nicaragua Breakdown


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