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The Knowledge Cooler: Storing the Freshest Milk from All Over the World!

The Knowledge Cooler is a simple collection of books that have had a positive impact on my quest for financial independence. For each book in this library I will write up a few things:

The Basics:

A very brief teaser of what the book is about. I emphasize the word brief because if you want more details/information then there is a very easy solution to your problems: Google it!

All the Feels:

How did I feel after reading? Amped up, stupid, hungry for more, confused, enlightened? You get the point.

My Main Takeaway(s):

Every time I read a book I try to take away at least one key point/message. The things that resonate most with me wont always be aligned with the authors main points, but that’s why this section is called “My Main Takeaway(s)”.

Personal finance is a lifelong journey, you need to keep learning. The worst action is inaction – if you do nothing, then nothing happens. You need to get the wheels in motion and the perfect way to do that is though education.

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

Perfect for: Foundation to Investing

Length: 304 pages

Depth: A lot of numbers thrown around but the main ideas of the book are easy to grasp

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Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits

Perfect for: Building good habits, Breaking bad ones

Length: 320 pages

Depth: Fun to read and try his methods as you go

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