Principles: Life and Work

Principles: Life and Work
Genres: Biography, Career, Lifestyle, Relationships
Tags: Broad Thinking, Failures, Self-Improvement

Perfect for: Broader Thinking, Handling and Learning from Failures

Length: 592 pages

Depth: Very dense if you self-reflect and try to relate his principles to your life

About the Book

The Basics:

Ray Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates and a self-made billionaire. The book is split into 3 parts:

  • Autobiography – details how he founded Bridgewater Associates and some of the most influential moments of his life
  • Life Principles – the “rules” and “codes” he lives his life by
  • Work Principles – “rules” and “codes” he used when building and running Bridgewater Associates

All the Feels:

This book induces a ton of self-reflection. It brought me to unfamiliar corners of my brain and really made me examine my behaviors and how I perceive certain things.

On another note, Ray Dalio is an absolute savage. While you almost certainly get torn to shreds working for/with him, I find it appealing in a way. It’s a modern-day form of evolution, if you can stand the mental abuse and handle the challenges, you will find success on the other side.

My Main Takeaway(s):

Failures should be welcomed, accepted and treated as a learning experience. When you fail you must not blame others, instead take a step back and reflect what truly caused the failure. Which of your decisions influenced the outcome and why did you make those decisions?

Learning from failures is infinitely more powerful than learning from successes. You succeed because your likely already good at something, thus there is little room for improvement. With failures, the room for improvement is much larger. In most situations, it’s better to be proficient in many areas then an absolute expert in one.

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