The 10X Rule

The 10X Rule

Perfect for: Motivation, Thinking Big

Length: 240 pages

Depth: Quick read, more motivational than dense

About the Book

The Basics:

This book basically boils down to two things: (1) Thinking 10x larger (2) Working 10x harder than you think is required. The author argues that people often fail because they underestimate the effort required to succeed at something.

All the Feels:

I was not a huge fan of this book. The author consistently hammers home the point that you need to just work harder and harder to achieve large success. This is more of a mindset book than one offering concrete actions to put into place.

My Main Takeaway(s):

Don’t be a victim. If something is out of your control, make a change to put it in your control. That way if a problem arises, you can actively work on a solution.

Think and aim big so if you come up short you are still ahead of your original targets.

Don’t move the finish line up. If you are not on track to attain your goals, you need to work harder or change your approach.

Once you begin working 10x harder on things you will be called crazy and a workaholic. But once you achieve great success, you will be called a genius and innovator instead.

Don’t make excuses or fear taking action. Try, fail, learn from it and improve.

Don’t focus on how hard the work is, focus on how rewarding the success will be.

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