The Truth About Money

The Truth About Money
Genres: Career, Investing, Personal Finance
Tags: Foundation, Introduction, Retirement, Taxes
ISBN: 0062006487

Perfect for: Introduction to Personal Finance, Foundation to Investing

Length: 736 pages

Depth: Can be dense at times – covers a large range of personal finance topics, some more in depth than others

About the Book

The Basics:

This book aims to cover the most pertinent and important personal finance topics such as investments, retirement planning, insurance, taxes, mortgages and climbing out of debt. There is not much focus on spending habits and budgeting.

All the Feels:

After reading this book I felt much smarter and more aware of “adult” topics that most people turn a blind eye too (ex: aging parents, credit reports, etc.).

My Main Takeaway(s):

This is a great book to have on hand, it is very well organized and easy to navigate. I do not see this as a book that you should read cover-to-cover, instead you should read the sections that are relevant to you at a given stage of life.

Personal Finance does not have to be that complicated. It is overwhelming on an overall level and that leads many people to avoid it in its entirety. However, if you can break it down into smaller chunks and tackle them one at a time, then it suddenly doesn’t seem so daunting.

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